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Intentional Connections

Intentionally connecting

The goal of marriage and family counseling is to renew connectivity through intentionality. Typically, life happens and in one way or another we find ourselves completely disconnected from the people we are supposed to be connected to the most, our spouse and/or our children. Every family is different and therefore every disconnected causality is unique. Ultimately, we need to be reconnected and to ensure continued daily connectivity.

Intentional with God.

Offer the first of your day to God. As Christ renews his mercies every morning, renew your commitment to serving him. Commit yourself and your day to God. Allow God’s words to bless you and in turn use your words to bless others. Ask God to help you forgive so that you can be forgiven. Receive God’s grace so that you can give grace. Reflect on Jesus’ sacrifice so that you too can self-sacrifice. Pray for your family members throughout the day. Fill yourself with God’s love so that you can actively love. Petition God for his miraculous peace so that you can easily rest. Cognitively process God’s hope for you, daily! Allow your spirit to be filled with his care, his joy and feel his loving arms embrace you!

Intentional with family.

Use every natural break in the day as a point of connectivity. Daily, say a blessing over one another as you depart. Affectionately greet one another as you return home once again. Be intentional about spending family time together. Use meals as a natural communication and bonding time. Dine at a table, with no external distractions (electronic devices). Attentively listen and actively respond while dining. To connect, create fun household routines like Taco Tuesday, Friday Night Game Night, or Sunday lunch after church at Mojo’s. Be intentional about spending alone time with each other. Dates and any one-on-one time is greatly encouraged for parents! Always, always, Always be intentional and life giving with your words! Connect mentally, physically and spiritually with one another every day!

Barriers to intentional connections.

The two consistent barriers in reconnecting and staying connecting are the words we speak and selfishness.

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