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Family counseling is both informative and will prove to increase the family relationship! 
Family Counseling Foundation
       We believe that each child is a true blessing! As children grow, family dynamics shift causing unique circumstances and challenges. Our experienced counselors come along side families in their time of need. Sibling rivalry, bullying, aggression, and depression are among the most common issues. 
     Temperament Therapy is used with every person receiving counseling (ages 7 and up). Temperament allows for specific strategies and coping skills for each individual in your family. read more
​Child Counseling  (5yrs - 8yrs)
     At this maturity level, children will be learning consequences and illustrated modeled behavior instilled by their parents, teachers and peers. Counselors will focus on parenting style and modeled behaviors. Parents involvement is essential in the counseling process. 
Child Counseling  (8yrs - 12yrs)  
     At this maturity level, children are learning how to interact with their environment. Peer influence will have an effect on their attitude.  At this season, you would have instilled child household consequences for desired behavior. Counselors will focus on coping skills and strategies for their emotional expressions and conflict resolution. Parents are encouraged to increase validation of feelings. Parents involvement is essential in the counseling process. 
Teen Counseling (13yrs - 18yrs)      
     Teens are heavily influenced by their peers. Many parents mistakingly begin to relinquish their control and oversight in response to their teen's push for independence. Teens will need more guided freedom. We subscribe to a positive parenting solution for teens. "Positive Parenting" involves working on your relationship while empowering them to be more independent.


Pastoral Counseling

      Pastoral counseling is a unique form of therapy, which uses biblical resources as well as psychological understanding for healing and growth. Although the Pastoral Counselor is educated in psychology, the basis and focus of all therapy is the Bible, the infallible Word of God. We provide biblically based counseling services for families.

Family Counseling

Blended & Step Families



Positive & Negative Reinforcement


Unhealthy Relationships

Cutting & Bullying



Teen Issues


Coping Skills

Conflict Resolution

Communication & Boundaries

Temperament Therapy 

     Temperament Therapy is used on all clients 7 years of age and up. This therapy is derived from the “Theory of Temperament” which states that God places within every person the emotional characteristics necessary to accomplish His plan and purpose for their life.  Research indicates that Temperament Therapy is more than ninety percent (90%) successful when administered by a “Certified Temperament Counselor,” trained in this technique. read more

Counseling Goals
     The goal in family counseling is to increase the family's relationship.  



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