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Welcome to your temperament resource page!

      Now that you have received your Arno Profile System (APS) report from your certified temperament counselor, you are ready to experience a deeper understanding of your temperament!

    Here is a quick temperament overview. The temperament assessment is used to identify each person's temperament traits. This immediately provides a comprehensive portrait of your strengths, weaknesses, and needs. The weaknesses are a result of unmet needs or needs met in unhealthy ways. When the needs are met in negative and unproductive ways the individual experiences great interpersonal conflict. The goal is to help you learn how to live in the best healthiest way for your life and relationships. Through this process you will explore new, healthy and productive ways to meet your needs.

    The temperament identification provided in the APS report identifies three separate human interactions; Inclusion (social orientation/intellectual energies), Control (decision making abilities or inabilities) and Affection (interaction in deep relationships). It also identifies each one of these interactions in two ways, expressed (what we say we want) and wanted (what we really want).

      How to use the links below. Each link below has a list of "Temperament Strengths and Weaknesses," "Temperament Needs," and "Suggestions for others, for yourself and to bring yo closer to God" in each area of life (Inclusion, Control and Affection). You are now ready to explore more about how you are wired! 

     When you are ready, take out your APS. Located directly under your name on page 1, there will be three to six letters divided by dashes (fig A). These letters are abbreviated temperament for each area. Example: GP - S - M  The first letter(s) represents your inclusion temperament area (GP - S - M). The second letter(s), separated by the first dash, represents your control temperament area (GP - S - M). Finally the last letter(s),
 divided by the second dash, represents your affection temperament area (GP - S - M).

       You will find the barograph displayed if you want to flip to page 2. Here, you will have the opportunity to explore the three areas of your life (Inclusion, Control, and Affection). The barograph displays your intellectual energy, social energy, need for control, and your need for love and affection. 

IMG_2767 3.jpg

Arno Profile System page 1 (fig. A)

     We have provided further explanation of your individual APS handout. See page 2 of your handout for your personal information. 

      Please note that your individual temperament will most likely not be the same as the sample guide. However, the information on the sample guide is relevant regardless of the differences.


Simply click on this sample guide for a full sample of your temperament handout.  >> 


<< To the left you will see the location of the abbreviated code, found on the first page of your  APS handout.       

aps example mini.jpg

Arno Profile System page 2 (fig. B)

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