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Elizabeth Parker M.A.

- Master of Arts in Counseling
- Licensed Pastoral Counselor
- Certified in Trauma and Resilience
- Certified Temperament Counselor

   Elizabeth Parker holds a Master of Arts in Counseling from Asbury Theological Seminary and a Bachelor of Arts in Interpersonal Communications from Kent State University. She is an ordained pastor through City Light Church. 


      Elizabeth has been counseling individuals and families for twelve years. She began her career working as a family counselor at the Arnette House, Inc. where she practiced individual, family, and group counseling. She went on to serve as Executive Pastor and Pastoral Counselor at City Light Church. In this setting, she began integrating faith into her therapy and diving deeper into inner healing. She is trained in Sozo, an inner healing ministry of Bethel Church, aimed at targeting deep roots that hinder complete freedom in Christ. She also has her professional certification in trauma and resilience from Florida State University. 


       Elizabeth believes that childhood wounds and trauma can hinder one from experiencing deep intimacy in relationships. These wounds can also keep a person from experiencing their fullest potential. She is deeply committed to promoting inner healing through intimate encounters with the love and power of Christ. 


Elizabeth serves:

  •             Individuals 

  •             Couples

  •             Marriages

  •             Trauma Healing 


(352) 209 - 3513

Elizabeth Parker M.A.
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