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Dr. Scott Inman Ph.D.

- Executive Director, My Life Counsel
- Psychologist, Couples Expert
- Marriage and Family Therapist
- Licensed Pastoral Counselor
- Certified Temperament Counselor

 Dr. Scott Inman is a compassionate and dedicated psychologist with a unique blend of academic achievements and practical expertise, specializing in both clinical psychology and pastoral counseling. His extensive education, coupled with a genuine commitment to the well-being of individuals and families, positions him as a trusted guide for those navigating challenging life circumstances.


Dr. Inman holds a Doctorate in Psychology (PhD) from Liberty University, where he pursued advanced studies in research psychology. Additionally, he earned a Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, further enhancing his ability to address complex relational dynamics within the context of psychological counseling.

Specialized Training:

Dr. Scott specializes in offering marriage and family therapy tailored to couples, encompassing pre-marital counseling, support for established couples, and assistance for marriages. His wealth of experience is particularly focused on understanding the intricacies of couples' dynamics, enhancing relational satisfaction, and fostering intimacy.

With a passion for providing holistic care, Dr. Inman has undergone specialized training in various therapeutic modalities. He is proficient in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), a widely acclaimed approach that focuses on identifying and modifying unhealthy thought patterns and behaviors. Additionally, he is well-versed in Temperament Therapy, understanding the individual differences that contribute to one's personality and interpersonal relationships. Dr. Inman has also received training in the renowned Gottman Method for Couples Therapy, enabling him to navigate the intricate dynamics of relationships with evidence-based interventions.

Compassionate Approach:

What sets Dr. Inman apart is his genuine compassion for people navigating difficult life circumstances. His practice is rooted in the belief that each individual's narrative is unique and deserving of understanding. Dr. Inman recognizes the significance of pain in people's lives and endeavors to guide them towards healing. His therapeutic approach is marked by a commitment to renewing faith, instilling hope, and fostering intentionality in every aspect of life.

Renewing Faith, Hope, and Intentionality:

Dr. Inman is deeply committed to helping individuals renew their faith in themselves, their relationships, and their journey towards healing. He understands the transformative power of hope and works diligently to instill a sense of optimism even in the face of adversity. Dr. Inman believes in the importance of living with intentionality, encouraging his clients to make purposeful choices that align with their values and aspirations.

In his dual role as a psychologist and pastoral counselor, Dr. Scott Inman strives to create a safe and supportive space where individuals and couples can explore their challenges, discover resilience, and embark on a path towards emotional and spiritual well-being. His multifaceted expertise, coupled with his compassionate approach, makes him a trusted ally in the journey towards personal and relational transformation.

Scott serves:

  • Individuals

  • Marriages

  • Pre-marital Couples

  • Couples

(352) 209 - 3513

Dr. Scott Inman Ph.D.
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