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Stephanie Smith LMHC-QS

  • SACC Certified Temperament Therapist 

  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor-Qualified Supervisor

  • Certified Story Informed Trauma Therapist (SITT)

  • SACC Certified Pastoral Membership

         Stephanie has always been captivated by finding beauty in brokenness. Prior to her training in counseling, she enjoyed the hobby of piecing broken glass and plates together to create beautiful mosaics. After teaching for several years, she decided to tend to a dream that God planted in her heart as a child…to help the hurting heal. This led her to the pursuit of a dual Masters Degree with a two-pronged focus with extensive training in both Mental Health Counseling and Christian Counseling. Having the balance of these two disciplines equips her with the best knowledge and skills from both worlds: Christian and secular.


         Stephanie’s work primarily focuses on helping adults overcome anxiety, depression, grief, shame, trauma, relational challenges, and stress-related difficulties. Her gentle style includes a balance between providing a safe, supportive space for processing pain and equipping with practical tools. She has a passion for helping people get unstuck, find God’s provision in their story, and re-engage with life empowered by the lessons from their unique journey. Stephanie has specialized training in trauma counseling and a God-given capacity to guide individuals through healing deep wounds from the past.

For five years, Stephanie was the lead trauma therapist at Faithfully Guided Health Center. Stephanie Smith is now practicing at My Life Counsel. 

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