Scott Inman, M.A.

  • Marriage and Family Therapist

  • Licensed Minister of Pastoral Counseling

  • Certified Temperament Counselor

  • Executive Director, My Life Counsel


     Scott Inman holds a Master of Arts degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Liberty University. He is a licensed minister of pastoral counseling with the National Conservative Christian Church. Scott is a Presidential member in good standing of the American Association of Christian Counselors.

     Scott has led as Executive Director of a local community outreach program for adolescents and their families for ten years. God used that experience to produce his passion to see enriched godly relationships for families. From there, he transitioned to family therapy at a local community counseling facility. Utilizing many learned therapeutic techniques, he counseled parents, children, and teens that were in need of crisis management.


     Scott has served as the primary marriage therapist for My Life Counsel. Scott has a God-given calling to see families renewed and made whole. Scott utilizes a combination of the couples’ faith, temperament therapy, and empirically researched therapeutic treatments for couple’s and marriage therapy. 

Elizabeth Parker, M.A.

  • Master of Arts in Counseling

  • Pastoral Counselor

  • Licensed Pastor

       Elizabeth Parker holds a Master of Arts in Counseling from Asbury Theological Seminary and a Bachelor of Arts in Interpersonal Communications from Kent State University. She is an ordained pastor through City Light Church. 


      Elizabeth has been counseling individuals and families for nine years. She began her career working as a family counselor at the Arnette House, Inc. where she practiced individual, family, and group counseling. She went on to serve as Executive Pastor and Pastoral Counselor at City Light Church. In this setting, she began integrating faith into her therapy and diving deeper into inner healing. She is trained in Sozo, an inner healing ministry of Bethel Church, aimed at targeting deep roots that hinder complete freedom in Christ. 


       Elizabeth believes that childhood wounds and trauma can hinder one from experiencing deep intimacy in relationships. These wounds can also keep a person from experiencing their fullest potential. She is deeply committed to promoting inner healing through intimate encounters with the love and power of Christ. 

Beau Williams, B.A.

  •  Family Life Coach, Pastoral

  • Certified Practitioner Trust-based Relational Intervention (TBRI) 

  • Certified Temperament Counselor

  • Licensed Pastor Counselor

      Beau has a Bachelor of Ministry degree with  Bible Concentration, a 3 year Bible certificate, and is currently working on his Masters degree in Temperment Therapy.

      He has over 15 years experience in full time ministry as a youth pastor, children's ministry director, and young adult director. Currently, he works as a success mentor helping young adults learn work and life skills to help better themselves and be productive in their families and community.

      Beau's desire is to follow God's leading in his life by helping families who are in need of direction by using Bible principles and temperment to reach their goals as a family and to grow in their walk and closeness to Him. 

Idalia Barlow, MSW

  • Registered Clinical Social Work Intern

  • Pastoral Counselor


Idalia Barlow holds a master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from Saint Leo University and a bachelor’s degree in Human Services from Saint Leo University. She is a Registered Clinical Social Work Intern in Florida. 


During her 2018 internship at a psychiatric hospital, Idalia recognized how easily individuals can find themselves in a mental health crisis. Upon graduating, she began her career continuing to work in the acute care unit for individuals struggling with suicide attempts and ideations, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. In addition to her crisis care experience, she has also worked in the hospital’s residential program serving military active duty personnel and veterans. 


Idalia believes that incorporating Biblical truths into therapy leads to mental and emotional wellness. She desires to follow God’s wisdom and direction to be a link for others to find wholeness in Christ’s love. 

Joy Zedler, M.A.

  • Family Therapist, Pastoral 

  • Certified Practitioner Trust-based Relational Intervention (TBRI) 

  • Master of Arts, Human Relations

       Joy holds a Master’s degree in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma and is currently pursuing a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Northcentral University. She is the founder and executive director of The Pearl Project, an organization that provides trauma- informed education and support to families. Joy is a Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) Practitioner and a Stephen Minister. She is a facilitator of Circle of Security Parenting, Making Sense of Your Worth and Parenting for Positive Self-Worth.


       Joy helps caregivers recognize how their attachment history and the lies they have believed about themselves influence their parenting and she helps them work through these things so they can break generational cycles and find healing. When working with children, she believes in the power of play to disarm fear responses and to help them heal and grow.

       Nothing has shown her the love and grace of God like her journey as a foster/adoptive/biological mother and she is passionate about helping others see their value, not based on performance, but as a child of God. She lives in Ocala with her husband, Stephen, and their five children.


Vonitra N. Taylor, M.A.

  • Master of Arts in Counseling 

  • Certified teacher Pk-6 

  • Certified School Counselor

  • Certified Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor

       Vonitra Holds a master of arts in counseling from Webster University and a bachelor of arts in business administration from American intercontinental university. She is a certified teacher and school counselor who is currently employed with Marion county public schools.


       She has eleven years of experience working with incarcerated adults and their families, eight years as a teacher, and is in her fourth year as a school counselor. While working with students with significant trauma as a Dean, Vonitra realized that her calling was understanding the underlying "why" behind their behavior. Her strong foundation of faith is what guided her to answer the call of a counselor. She also understands the relationship between mental health and academic achievement.


       Vonitra believes that early intervention and mental health supports can break generational curses. She desires to break stigmas around mental health, especially with minorities. Vonitra specializes in a Solution Focus approach and uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in order to help individuals reach their full potential and that a relationship with God can bring contentment and joy despite difficult circumstances.


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Anna Davis, M.A.

  • Mental Health Counselor, Pastoral 

  • Licensed Pastor

  • Master of Arts

        Anna holds a Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling and her undergrad is in Sociology from Methodist University. She was born and raised in the town of Fayetteville, North Carolina but moved to Florida in 2009 where she met and married her husband, Josh Davis. Josh and Anna have two children and now live in Ocala. She is also working towards an Associates in Biblical Studies from Charis Bible College. 


        Anna focuses on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and has experience working with children, families, individuals, and couples. She has a long history of volunteer work with children, including church youth group leadership, Royal Family Kids Camp, and Boy And Girls Club. Anna has a passion for marriages and families and has a sincere desire to help them grow stronger by deepening their relationships with God and with each other. 


Sarah Cothron, B.A.

  • Licensed Pastoral Counselor

  • Behavioral Health Coach

  • Trust-Based Relational Intervention and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

         Sarah holds a Bachelor of Christian ministry and a minor in children’s ministry, missions, and counseling from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Immersed in children’s ministry, Sarah has supported families who have children from various traumatic backgrounds, including multiple international mission trips. Spending 4 months in Indonesia, she has worked with toddlers who suffered from extreme neglect and had various mental health struggles. Surprisingly, infants and toddlers can also experience intense and complex emotional stress. 

         Sarah has 8 years of children's mental health experience. As a registered behavioral technician (RBT), Sarah's work experience includes families of autistic children, eating disorders, and those with Baker Act petitions. She is currently working as a pastoral behavioral counseling intern at My Life Counsel.

         Sarah is passionate about the opportunity to work with children, adolescents, and teens with traumatic backgrounds. Her long-term goal is to teach and utilize Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) to help families connect, empower, and correct. She aims to change negative behavior, dispel lies, and renew positive self-worth for all she counsels. Sarah believes that working through infancy and childhood trauma requires stripping negative neural pathways and forming healthy new ones. By the strength of Christ, children, teens, and adults can overcome their trauma. 

         Hope is attainable, always; hope is accessible, always; hope is available, always. Through the strength of Christ, the power of his word, and the plasticity of our brain, we can overcome trauma and we can overcome hard things. "If we get a chance to meet,


I am so very honored and excited to meet you!" ~ Sarah