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Yates Boykin M.A.

- Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling
- Licensed Pastoral Counselor

Yates is currently on the journey of completing his Master's in Mental Health Counseling at Asbury Theological Seminary. With a prior Master's in Education from Union University, he has dedicated years to teaching in diverse middle- and high-school environments. Now, as he merges his experiences as an educator with his passion for counseling, Yates is driven by a deep desire to support youth, families, and individuals on their paths to healing and growth.

At the heart of Yates's counseling philosophy lies a relational approach. He firmly believes that God designed humanity for connection – with the Divine, with oneself, with others, and with the natural world. Recognizing the profound impact of strained or fractured relationships on emotional well-being, Yates is committed to guiding his clients toward cultivating healthy, thriving connections.

Residing in Citrus County with his wife and two children, Yates finds joy in life's simple pleasures. Whether immersed in a good book, enjoying quality time with loved ones, or savoring delicious cuisine, Yates cherishes every opportunity for connection and enrichment.

(352) 209 - 3513

Yates Boykin M.A.
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